Roasted Sacha Inchi Nuts


1) Supplement nutrition for body
– High-protein content, rich in healthy fats and high-nutrients helps Sachi become the ideal supplement for high-intensity exercisers, diets, vegetarians, helping the body more be healthy, excited, and energetic.

2) For a better sleep
– Sachi seeds are a good source of tryptophan – a protein that helps the brain produce more serotonin, helping people feel peaceful and comfortable.
– High magnesium content in Sachi seeds is also a factor to help the body relax, sleep tight, and longer.

3) Weight control and losing
In addition to its significantly high-calorie content, Sachi also provides a large amount of fiber, which acts as a laxative, prolongs satiety and reduces appetite. Therefore, you do not need to eat too much but still have enough nutrients for the body during the process of losing weight.

4) Reduce bad cholesterol
Sachi is effective in reducing cholesterol, while reducing LDL (a type of lipoprotein that carries cholesterol in blood, causing excess cholesterol to penetrate the membrane of the artery wall, causing arteriosclerosis and heart disease).