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1Stop HiTech Medic B.V. is part of the HiTech Medic Group in Vietnam, a prominent player on the South Asian healthcare market. 1Stop HiTech Medic B.V. will function as the bridge between Europe and South East Asia, by identifying products, developed in Europe for distribution in South East Asia, and to promote the distribution of products developed in SE Asia by the HiTech Medic Group in markets outside South East Asia

The world has changed dramatically in recent years. The Covid 19 pandemic has disrupted the economy, our way of living and its impact on the health care has been dramatic. On the flip side it has boosted the development of new drugs and medicines and the time in which the Covid 19 vaccines has been impressive. This has further fueled the development of drugs and other healthcare products in general and for the protection against Covid and other viral infections in particular.

People have become more conscious on the way food has been produced and the zest for food produced in a sustainable and organic way is ever increasing. The global population is expected to grow from currently 7.7 billion to 9.8 billion in 2050. This would mean that global food production has to increase in order to feed additional 1.9 billion people, and this with bearing the environment and the climate change in mind. The HiTech Medic group is currently developing a product portfolio of products which can contribute to higher yields and production of food without the abundant use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. Further 1Stop HiTech Medic will continue to look for food supplement products. 

Medical Devices

1Stop HiTech Medic B.V. provides medical equipment and supplies such as rapid test kit, bone cement,…

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Health Supplements

Nutritional supplements for your health

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We manufacture and supply natural cosmetics that can be used for all skin types

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1Stop HiTech Medic B.V. provides high quality medicine, reliable to help you control health

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The bridge connecting EU to SE Asia

South East Asia contains different countries and each one has its own healthcare development initiatives and unique medical systems. However, it is supposed that these countries have the same thing that is the need to overcome the infrastructural limitations and shortage of technologically advanced medical solutions.

Due to the deficiencies caused by fast economic development and some chronic diseases bursting in this sector, SE seems to need a solution which opens a new door to new healthcare and medical solutions brought in by foreign companies. In addition to this, South East Asia has become a central focus for European companies in the Healthcare & Medical Technologies sector recently.

As a consequence, 1Stop Hitech Medic B.V is willing to be a bridge between EU and SE Asia as well as the Medtech Expertise Agency to bring in all the best to improve health for the human being in SE Asia.

Healthcare distribution partner

Are you looking for a healthcare distribution partner in South-East-Asia?

1Stop Hitech Medic B.V is your key operational basic when it comes to buying and selling medical products and techniques, surgical devices and instruments.

As an expert distribution company in the bioscience and healthcare sector, 1Stop Hitech Medic B.V is very familiar with the regulatory and approval route in Europe and South-East-Asia. Together with our highly motivated team of medical experts, we focus on service, perfect clinical results and improving patient outcomes, with a 24/7 service to hospitals.

Since its inception to date, 1Stop Hitech Medic B.V






1Stop Hitech Medic B.V is the official distributor of the biggest and most modern medical equipment manufacturers in SE ASIA.