Synjectos VN LLC will develop within the 1Stop HiTech Medic B.V group new products which are already in the pipeline and patents and utility models, respectively, are already submitted .

Our focus will be, due to the Vision of 1Stop HiTech Medic B.V, to provide our customers, the surgeons, hospitals and the patients, state of the art and beyond, treatment options which will be oriented by the need of our customers.

Surgical site infections remain a huge problem for hospitals in Vietnam, but also for the whole Asia Pacific area, due to the high amount of open fractures, caused often by motorcycle accidents.

Another increasing treatment demand in the future will be revision surgeries after primary implantation of hip and knee prosthesis, the treatment of early loosening after infection on the implant site and the prevention of early implantation of knee prosthesis in an aging population due to osteoporosis.

It is well known, that often systemically applied antibiotics do not reach the desired level of concentration around the affected surgical site, especially in bone without having a risk of side effects, due to exorbitant high dosages to be applied.

Synjectos VN LLC will focus on what are the needs of our customers in hospitals, in the public health care system and the needs of the patients being treated.

Through 1Stop HiTech Medic B.V we will introduce new implant technologies with resorbable materials avoiding a second surgery for the patients, by innovation.

1Stop HiTech Medic B.V will also be a distribution hub for leading-edge technologies of European partner enterprises.