Our Vision

Our Vision at 1Stop HiTech Medic B.V. is to serve as a linking pin between South East Asia and Europe for the sourcing of new healthcare products, and sustainable products for agriculture, husbandry and aquaculture developed and manufactured in Europe for distribution and marketing in South East Asia, and to distribute and market healthcare products developed and or manufactured in South East Asia

Our Mission

Our mission is to make an everlasting contribution to improve healthcare in general and to improve food security, and to deliver sustainable products to farmers to protect their health and improve harvest yields.

Synjectos is the starting product to be sold by 1Stop HiTech Medic B.V. Synjectos is a “Asian 5” registered all-in-one Bone Substitute Material, which is Calcium-Magnesium-Phosphate (CPC) based cement, with the potential to be resorbed and replaced by the patient`s own bone, while embedded into the biological remodeling process of bone. Bone substitute materials become more and more important due to the permanent higher mobility of people causing a higher rate of severe accidents associated with high impact trauma, resulting in tissue and bone damage.

Especially in case of joint related fractures, depression of the articular surface will cause incongruency of the affected joint, resulting in chronic constraints and arthrosis. In such cases it is essential to support the damaged cancellous bone beneath the articular cartilage in order to restore the functionality. Typical indications, but not limited to are: tibia head impression fractures, calcaneal fractures (fxx), proximal fxx of the humerus, but also the filling of bone cysts.

Standard materials to be used in these indications are autograft bone (patients own cancellous bone), but here the availability is limited, it needs a second surgical intervention with some risk for infection, discomfort and risk for morbidity at the donor site. The alternative is allograft or donor bone with additional risk for inherent infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis and risk of rejection.

Synjectos, synthetic bone replacement material is of unlimited availability is made of ultra pure raw materials of highest quality with permanent checking of the production process and produced due to ISO 13485. A main part of the raw material is manufactured in Germany and the finished good is made in Vietnam under highest standards. HiTCh Medic JSC will bring in international knowledge of treatment options by surgeons training.

Syndentos is a ready for use bone substitute material for dental indications, such as alveolar ridge augmentation, preservation of bone in case of extraction defects, preventive filling of extraction sockets and sealing of the root canal apex. The materials are provided as a self setting highly biocompatible cement or in form of porous granules of different sizes. Prof. Dr. Ralf Roessler, DTMD University, Luxembourg, is a permanent consultant of the Syndentos team.

Through 1Stop HiTech Medic B.V diagnostic test kits are distributed for early stage detection of heart attack, primary stage of diabetes and liver fibrosis. 1Stop HiTech Medic B.V will distribute a high sensitive SARS-Covid-19 test kit for early detection of IgM and IgG antibodies. Especially positive IgG antibodies of employees will guarantee companies and administrations that those employees can return to work without being a risk for collegues.

Further outlines:

1Stop HiTech Medic B.V will develop new products which are already in the pipeline and patents are already submitted. These products aim towards the treatment of infected bone due to open bone fractures most often unsatisfactorily treated by systemic antibiotic treatment only. Here 1Stop HiTech Medic B.V will offer different carrier materials, which will allow well targeted onsite therapeutic carrier materials and fixed formulation materials with high drug releasing capacity to act as a limb preservative alternative treatment. Furthermore 1Stop HiTech Medic B.V will act as a hub for well known manufactures of medical devices and instruments and will provide it´s distribution network for international medical device companies.