Milchserum Shampoo

Gentle shampoo for a sensitive scalp

The pH skin neutral DERMASENCE Milk Serum Shampoo is ideal for daily shampooing even on sensitive scalps. Its nourishing ingredients protect the skin and hair, and prevent skin irritation. Sea salt from the Dead Sea provides the scalp with minerals and trace elements. Panthenol soothes. Milk proteins and lactose provide moisture for the hair and scalp, and also keep stressed hair supple. Due to its particularly mild detergent ingredients and the absence of betaine, it does not burn the eyes and is therefore also ideal for children.


  • Mild shampoo for daily use
  • Contains sea salt from the Dead Sea, which is particularly rich in minerals and trace elements
  • Maintains the scalp with milk proteins and lecithin
  • Maintains the physiological balance of the scalp
  • Prevents the scalp and hair from drying out
  • Improves the combability of stressed hair
  • Dermatologically tested