Regenerating repair foam

DERMASENCE Zincutan Repair Foam works effectively on irritated and acne-prone skin due to its unique formulation of zinc, silver and panthenol. Zinc oxide is a wound healing, soothing and regenerating. The silver ions have antibacterial properties and thus support wound healing. In addition, panthenol calms the skin. Together, these three ingredients provide the regenerating and healing properties of Zincutan. The pleasantly light formulation allows application to the skin without rubbing.


  • Repair foam for the effective care of irritated skin
  • Zinc and panthenol support the regeneration processes of the skin
  • Acute anti-inflammatory care
  • Ideal after dermatological-aesthetic treatments
  • Intensive formula for people prone to acne or irritated skin
  • Light foam, can be applied without friction
  • Regulates the skin’s natural microflora
  • Perfume-free
  • Dermatologically tested