Vật liệu tổng hợp dùng để bổ sung phần xương bị mất.

Syndentos® is a synthetic bone substitute material composed of calcium and magnesium phosphates which hardens upon mixing with an aqueous solution into an apatic material. Syndentos® is highly bio-compatible and potentially resorbable by the activity of osteoclastic action.

Following dental defects can be treated with Syndentos®:
– Alveolar Ridge Augmentation;
– Sinus lift;
– Filling of extraction sockets;
– Prefilling of drilled implantation sites before placing the dental implant;
– Filling of root canals after removing of nerve and rest organic materi

There are currently 3 types of Syndentos:

Syringe system: Powder/liquid all in one

Bowl/spatula: Open mixing system

Granules: Granules in solid or porous form

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